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affordable trailer home insurance

How to Find Affordable Trailer Home Insurance

How to Find the Best Trailer Home Insurance You will find that insurance for your mobile home, also known as manufactured home insurance, is quite similar to a ...
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what is crop insurance? what does crop insurance cover? we got YOU covered

What is Crop Insurance and What all Does it Cover?

What is Crop Insurance? Crop insurance has existed for longer than a century, dating back to 1880, when private insurance companies first sold policies to protect farmers against ...
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oregon motorcycle insurance laws

What are Oregon Motorcycle Insurance Laws?

Oregon Insurance Laws If you ride a motorcycle in the state of Oregon, it is helpful to be aware of Oregon motorcycle insurance laws. For example, in Oregon ...
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do I need traveller trailer insurance?

Do I Need Traveler Trailer Insurance?

Do I Have to Have Traveler Trailer Insurance? If you own a recreational vehicle or are thinking of buying one, the idea of cruising down the open road ...
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motorcycle laws in washington state

What are Washington State Motorcycle Insurance Laws?

Washington State Motorcycle Insurance Laws If you drive a motorcycle in this state, you might be wondering what the Washington motorcycle insurance laws are. What coverage for your ...
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snowmobile insurance coverage

Should I Get Snowmobile Insurance Coverage?

Is Snowmobile Insurance Coverage important? As it is now the middle of winter, you might be inspired to get out your snowmobile to enjoy all the snow outside. ...
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the types of church insurance

What Types of Church Insurance Does a Church Need?

What Types of Church Insurance Are There? Because a church is a sacred place of worship and prayers, we might think it is immune from secular activities such ...
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auto premium reduced rate oregon washington

Tips and Tricks to Save on Your Auto Premium

How to Save on your Auto Premium When you think of purchasing a new car, your auto premium is not the first thing on your mind. You probably ...
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business insurance graybeal

Do I Need Business Insurance?

There is little doubt that choosing the right business insurance can be confusing and maybe even overwhelming. Your main focus areas as an owner are operating your business, ...
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auto insurance tips

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Who among us can’t complain about how expensive car insurance is and sometimes how unfair it can seem based on arbitrary data and figures? For some of us ...
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auto insurance tips guide

Important Things to Know About Auto Insurance

So, you just bought a new car and you’re excited to get on the road and drive it and get the feel of it. It costs quite a ...
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first time life insurance tips

Tips for Buying Life Insurance for the First Time

The decision to purchase life insurance is for many people shrouded in confusion and uncertainty. In fact, it can seem an overwhelming task given the numerous choices you ...
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graybeal group ranch home farm insurance

Ranch and Home Property Insurance Beginners Guide

Standard Homeowners Policy Covers Select Farming/Ranching Activities Do you treat your ranching or small farm as a hobby, with no intention of running a commerce operation? If so, ...
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snowmobile powersports insurance

Why You Need Powersports Insurance

You have an ATV and you’re enjoying how powerful and fast it is. It is more thrilling than anything you’ve ridden before. Being a winter sports enthusiast, you ...
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insurance agency Hermiston OR

Property and Casualty Insurance

When you have property and casualty insurance, your personal items such as home, cars, and even pets are covered from negative occurrences that could involve injury or damage. ...
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crop insurance 101 graybeal group

Crop Insurance 101

While it might not make for stimulating conversation at the table over a meal, crop insurance may be a more relevant and important topic than you might think.  ...
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commercial liability auto insurance oregon

Liability Coverage for Business Auto Insurance Policies in Oregon

WHAT’S COVERED, WHAT’S NOT ON MY BUSINESS AUTO POLICY Liability has to do with bodily injury and property damage. Just think of an accident, where someone gets hurt ...
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inland marine insurance oregon

Do I Need Inland Marine Coverage in Oregon?

Inland marine IS related to Ocean Marine Insurance, they both cover goods traveling from one place to another. The basic difference is Inland Marine Insurance covers goods traveling ...
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crop insurance cost graybeal group

The Cost of Crop Insurance

“Crop insurance premiums are going to be substantially higher this year,” said Jim Mintert, a Purdue University Agricultural Economist.  “There’s really two big factors driving those premiums up.  ...
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oregon workers compensation claim

Do I Need Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Oregon?

WORKER'S COMPENSATION- WHAT IS IT? WHY WAS IT CREATED? Worker's Compensation Insurance was developed to make sure workers are protected on the job, from illness or injury- as ...
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oregon auto insurance medical expense coverage

Does My Oregon Auto Insurance Cover Medical Expenses?

Auto insurance and car accidents go hand-in-hand; but what if you are injured in a car accident? What happens then? Oregon law requires that drivers carry personal injury ...
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worker's compensation insurance in oregon

How Do I Reduce My Worker’s Compensation Insurance Costs?

When a company’s worker's compensation costs start to rise, this is indicative of workplace caused injury or illness. That’s when Execs start looking at ways to reduce costs ...
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non profit oregon

Looking For Employees For Your Nonprofit?

With unemployment hovering near historic lows, competition for new hires is heating up. The pool of available talent seems to be shrinking. That inevitably puts pressure on the ...
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business owner's insurance policy

What Losses are Covered by Oregon Business Owner’s Insurance?

A Business Owner's Policy in Oregon has many parts to it! We’ve discussed some of those items in our other blogs. Here at Graybeal Group Inc. we have ...
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tesla insurance graybeal group

Tesla Insurance Options

There is no doubt as to Tesla’s popularity, including here in the U.S.  Tesla accounted for 79 percent of electric vehicle registrations in 2020, with 200,561 of its ...
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farm insurance graybeal group

What Items are NOT Covered by Farm Insurance Coverage?

Farm Insurance has many moving parts. We will break those parts down into bite-size chunks for you to consume. Today, the topic of exclusions for the loss forms ...
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farm insurance coverage options

Farm Insurance – How Do I Get Reimbursed for a Loss?

At Graybeal Group Inc. one of our missions is to make sure our clients and prospects are educated on the type of insurance they have/may need. Farm Insurance may ...
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farm insurance graybeal group inc

Additional Farm Insurance Coverage Policies

There are seven different forms of farm property coverage. Our goal at Graybeal Group Inc. is for you to fully understand you farm insurance policy, as well as ...
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personal injury protection coverage

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)! What is it?

The Basics Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage implements the no-fault concept. No-fault auto insurance is designed to speed up payment to accident victims and lower the cost of ...
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home remodel insurance graybeal group

Remodeling Your Home – Homeowner’s Insurance

Experts estimate that one-fourth of remodeling projects add at least 25 percent to the value of a home, yet often most homeowners forget to increase their coverage to ...
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airbnb home insurance

Do I Need Additional Insurance for my Airbnb Rental?

It’s so easy and happens all the time; property owners sign up for Airbnb with the goal of earning extra money during the year. It’s a quick and ...
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farm hazard insurance graybeal group inc

How to Avoid Farm Machinery Hazards

Avoiding Farm Machinery Hazards Every attempt is made by farm machinery manufacturers to ensure that their products are safe. It also helps when you and your workers do ...
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farm insurance coverage oregon graybeal group

Additional Farm Insurance Coverage in Oregon

Our goal here at Graybeal Group Inc. is to make sure you fully understand your farm insurance policy and the additional coverage this provides in the state of ...
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business owners policy insurance coverage graybeal group

What Does Business Owner’s Insurance Policy Cover in Oregon?

What exactly is a Business Owner's Policy? The insurance company agrees to pay for direct physical loss or damage to covered property at the described premises caused by ...
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homeowner's insurance oregon graybeal group

Types of Homeowner’s Insurance in Oregon

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover this? The question that many insurance agents receive every day from their customers. Today we will discuss what coverage is afforded with a ...
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fair credit reporting act oregon

What Does the Fair Credit Reporting Act Mean in Oregon

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was put in place by Congress in 1970 to protect consumer's rights. It applies to any financial institution that is requesting information on ...
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hemp farmer insurance graybeal group

Do I Need Hemp Product Liability Insurance?

When you are an owner of a hemp or cannabis business, you figure you’ve got so much hemp insurance, why would you need more?  You probably purchased all ...
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graybeal group inc uninsured vehicle

What if I Get Into an Accident With an Uninsured Vehicle in Oregon?

An uninsured vehicle in Oregon is a vehicle that meets any of the following criteria:  The vehicle is operated by a hit and run driver, where the insured ...
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workers compensation insurance oregon

What are the Benefits of Oregon Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Worker's compensation insurance was created to protect companies from being sued by injured employees. The benefits of Worker's Compensation are offered to an injured employee. However, the employee ...
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liability insurance graybeal group inc.

What is Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance is purchased by consumers to protect themselves against their own negligent acts towards others that result in bodily injury or property damage. A person may be ...
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commercial auto insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance in Oregon

Commercial Auto Insurance has five different sections: Covered Autos, Liability Coverage(s), Physical Damage Coverage(s), Conditions, and Definitions. You will find these all inside your policy agreement. This type ...
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employment practices liability insurance oregon

What is Oregon Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Commonly known as EPLI, Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers businesses against claims from employees. Where Worker's Compensation and Employers Liability policies exclude, EPLI includes. EPLI includes such things ...
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pasture and rangeland insurance graybeal group

Pasture Rangeland Forage Insurance

Pasture Rangeland Forage Insurance is designed to provide insurance coverage on pasture, rangeland, or forage acres.  This program is based off the national rainfall index which determines precipitation ...
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online business insurance graybeal group

Insurance Coverage for your Online Business

When you operate an online business, you have many things to think about, not least of which is building and preserving your clientele, and securing the equipment you ...
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umbrella insurance graybeal group inc

Beginners Guide to Umbrella Insurance

We all know that life occasionally throws us curveballs, coming at us with unexpected accidents and troublesome news that we have to be prepared for and deal with. ...
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Is Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Insurance Right for Your Farm?

The USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance (PRF) program is a risk management tool that producers can rely on to protect their operations from ...
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Spring Planting 2021: What’s Ahead for Corn and Soybeans?

Wondering what crops you should be planting this spring? Plan on seeing higher corn and soybean production in 2021, according to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). ...
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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Floods?

ADDITIONAL HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE OPTIONS  There are different “options” or endorsements you may choose to add to your Homeowners Policy here in Oregon. One of the most important extensions ...
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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover? Protect Your Home Inside and Out.

Homeowners Insurance: What is it and how am I covered? Does my homeowners insurance cover this? The question that many insurance agents receive every day from their customers. ...
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specialty dwelling insurance Hermiston OR

5 Rules Every Rental Property Landlord Should Live By

I'm pretty confident that if you asked anyone who has ever owned a rental property you would get an overwhelming response that it's not as lucrative or easy ...
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insurance quotes Hermiston OR

Will my credit rating change my insurance rates?

I was recently asked this question by one of our Graybeal Group, Inc. clients, and thought I would share the answer here for our readers. There are a lot ...
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insurance agency Hermiston OR

Why Do My Auto Insurance Rates Keep Going Up Even Though My Car Keeps Getting Older?

Why do my auto insurance rates keep going up even though my car is getting older?  At Graybeal Group, Inc., many of our clients ask this question so ...
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